A teaching strategy for Senior Nursing Students:Simulated Nursing Grand Rounds

A Teaching Strategy for Senior Nursing Students

A Teaching Strategy for Senior Nursing Students:Simulated Nursing Grand Rounds

This teaching strategy examined the impact of simulated grand rounds on student nurses’ professional development. Simulated grand rounds were created to enhance nursing students’ ability to understand patients, analyze complex situations, and simulate nurse leaders from practice settings. Twenty nursing students at the City University of New York provided a presentation of a patient they cared for, included the assessment data from admission to discharge. Their experiences were analyzed using a five-item Likert-type scale. Results indicated that nursing grand rounds promote professional development, which helped students analyze complex patient conditions. Helped engage students, and enhanced learning. Results indicated that 20 student nurses, 19 strongly agreed, and one student nurse agreed that NGRs helped analyze complex patients in the fourth question. The second question resulted in 18 student nurses strongly agreeing and two agreeing that feedback received from peers was helpful.

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Keywords: Grand Rounds, Medical Education, Nursing Students, Patient-Centered Care
A teaching strategy for Senior Nursing Students:Simulated Nursing Grand Rounds
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Evidence-Based Practice

Evidence Based Practice and Applied Nursing Research

Evidence-Based Practice

A1. Quantitative Article: To compare the efficacy of tramadol and pethidine for control of intraoperative shivering under spinal anaesthesia in elective caesarian
A2. Introduction
Physicians always use regional anaesthesia when performing surgeries because it is the safest anaesthetic technique. Shivering has many side effects on the patient, including making the patient physiologically stressful, especially after using modern anaesthetic, which creates a comfortable feeling. The neuro-axial anaesthetic technique is recommended for use in caesarian section because it has a lower rate of maternal morbidity and death rate with a low level of neonatal depression as compared to the normal anaesthesia. Proper methods of controlling shivering should be established since shivering interferes with electrocardiogram monitoring, the pressure of blood and pulse oximetry. It also raises the systolic work of the left ventricular and the consumption of oxygen.

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Additionally, shivering compromises with the functioning of the myocardia in patients with decreased myocardial function reverse (Khan, 2016). It also interferes with the recovery of the wound making it more painful and also raises intracranial and intraocular pressure. This paper will discuss the effectiveness of tramadol in the treatment of post-spinal shivering with very minimal side effects in obstetric patients over pethidine agent.
A2. Literature review of shivering
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Persistant Vegitative State and Pregnancy, The Ethical Dilemma

Persistant Vegitative State and Pregnancy, The Ethical Dilemma

Persistant vegitative state and pregnancy, the ethical dilemma


In everyday life, nurses do face many ethical dilemmas. This kind of dilemmas makes them to learn more about their profession. It also helps them to shape their morals and values. The article “In the name of good intentions: nurses’ perspectives on caring for a pregnant patient in a persistent vegetative state” discusses a case from admission to discharge involving a twenty-two-year-old pregnant patient, Judy, who had an anoxic brain injury (Hiossi, et al., 2006). The injury was caused by abuse of heroin overdose and the nurses’ accounts of how they felt during the client’s hospital stay

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Victims of rape still have to decide if they are going to give birth or terminate the unborn child. Due to this dilemma, they are forced to deal with the many traumatic side effects. Some of those side effects are physical, some are emotional and some are a chaotic combination of both. Also the victims of rape have to handle the sometimes crippling stigmas associated with being a victim of rape, including being blamed for their own assault. A rape stigma as defined in the Encyclopedia of Rape, “ is the negative perception of a rape survivor’s reputation, manifested in insinuations or openly expressed misconceptions that the assault was somehow ‘invited’ by the victim’s behavior. Now the survivors of rape have rape shield laws to try to help protect them. It is an ethical for raped victims to left alone in carrying out the responsibilities of something they did not do willingly(Hiossi, et al., 2006).
Could you imagine having all your dreams and goals stripped from you? Unwanted pregnancy from rape could prevent a woman from her future plans, dreams, and goals.
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Pain Management for Non-verbal Patients

Pain Management for Non-verbal Patients

Pain management in relation to non verbal patients could be one of the most challenging tasks when it comes to taking care of wounds that require debridement, wound vacs and panking (Kandel, 2010) However, it is now well established that unresolved pain is more likely to cause a negative impact on the process of wound healing or even lead to neuropathic pain (Abraham, 2008). This implies that efficient pain and management care especially for the non verbal patients is a core concept that needs to well taken care of. This assignment was aimed at analyzing ways in which care for non verbal patients with regards to pain management of chronic wounds has been handled in long term care facilities.

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Midwifery and Women's Health

Midwifery and Women's Health

Midwifery and Women's Health

Heart disease, also known as cardiovascular disease, which affects the heart, it is a disease which is causing fatal deaths among women. It was initially believed that the disease only affects men. However, women currently are the most suffering from it. The common symptoms of heart disease in women in severe pain, pressure, and discomfort in the chest. It is essential to know your blood pressure and keep it in check with the supervision of a doctor. Women who smoke should know that smoking increases the risk of heart disease and should consider quitting(Heart Attack Symptoms in Women, 2013).

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Especially with African- American women in Mississippi, Mississippi, is known to be the fattest state in America, the obese state. Aging and menopause for a woman can also lead to heart failure. When a woman is going through menopause the chances of her getting a heart disease rises dramatically (Heart Attack Symptoms in Women, 2013). In African-American women, the risks of getting heart disease are much more significant then what most people would expect. It is essential for African-American women who have high blood pressure and diabetes to get regular cholesterol screenings. For the mental status of black women, when one gets depressed, it can be the development of heart disease is well known healthy people (Saeed, Kampangkaew & Nambi, 2017).
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Nursing Homes and Transitions of Care

Nursing Homes and Transitions of Care

The population of older adults is rapidly increasing because of the constant increase in life expectancy. It is projected that in the next 40 years the number of older adults will be higher than that of the younger people. Therefore, the number of older adults is estimated to grow by more than the double rate from 880 million in 2012 to slightly above 2 billion in 2050. Concurrently, aging is associated with increased functional disabilities and a rise in morbidity rates. Many older adults desire to age-in-place, to remain independent, autonomous, and active. They also want to age at home where family and friends surround them. The paper comprehensively describes an article by Lecovich (2014) that describes aging in place (AIP) among older adults.

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Gerontology Nursing

Gerontology Nursing

The patient is a pleasant 76-year-old female with her clothing well reserved and suitable for a season with proper hygiene and grooming. She answers all the questions appropriately but with a lot of difficulties. Maria medical history shows that she had just experienced cerebrovascular accident (CVA) on her left frontal lobe with right-sided hemiparesis; she was never married and had no children. While in rehabilitation, she interacted, nevertheless, as time went by she looked to be further inhibited, like to her life model preceding her CVA. The stated CVA linked with her healthy shows she is in acute depression and anxiety (Bock, 2018).

Presently, she was the patient who relied on others for care and that remained the biggest blow to her self-esteem, which was a very tricky reality for her to face. She is focused on this physical symptom over the past years, while her professional and social life suffered, and she gave up from many activities. She is very sad concerning the loss of control and independence in her life and often felt abandoned. Her thought process is focused on the fear of not getting restroom in time.

General summary of the resident
Name: Maria Vxxx
Gender; female
Age: 76 years old
Race/ethnic group: Russian
Height: 4ft. 9in. Weight: 141 lbs. BMI: 21.9

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