Disparities in health and healthcare

Disparities in health and healthcare

Disparities in health and healthcare have been prevalent for over a century now. Studies suggest that healthcare disparities in health literacy continue to be a significant problem with little progress made to eradicate these challenges (Betancourt et al. 2016). Addiction to drugs and alcohol create a significant health disparity. Nurses can respond to health disparity created by alcohol by maintaining contact with patients diagnosed with complications triggered by or related to drug addiction and alcohol abuse such as alcohol dependence and abuse. Negative attitudes, opinions, and beliefs manifest in many healthcare settings and depict individuals with drug addiction and alcohol-associated problems as weak-willed, dangerous, and immoral “drunk”.

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Disparities between the poor and the rich are rising sharply all over the world. Few people are becoming increasingly successful and wealthy while a large population is becoming disproportionately poor (Betancourt et al. 2016).
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Principles of Healthcare Business and Financial Management

Principles of Healthcare Business and Financial Management

Principles of Healthcare Business and Financial Management

Executive Summary
With melodramatic increment in healthcare costs, and advancing monitoring of quality of healthcare services, policymakers and experts are coming up with strategies to redesign the setting of the healthcare system. According to recent studies and initiatives, it is clear that they tend to play a significant role in this effort via value-based purchasing activities. In the same note, various attempts prove how purchasers can ensure and improve the quality of health programs. A reasonable explanation for that line of thinking is that customers are wielding and their considerable purchasing power can be deployed to enhance the quality of healthcare services.

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Value-based purchasing remains to be one of the remarkable strategies that employers can implement to improve the quality and value of healthcare services offered to their employees. This type of approach tends to ensure that health plans and providers are financially accountable for delivering high quality, competent patient care, and high-value care. In the discipline, if healthcare, the most used types of value based purchase strategies are value-based insurance system and value-based payment. Value-based payment is the current payment method used in healthcare to pay for services, and it remains aimed at rewarding value and not volume (fee-for-service).
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  Mental Health Access

Mental Health Access

Mental Health Access

Mental health care access among the African American adults has been an issue over the past years with minimal progress. A SWOT analysis has proven to deliver organizations from deep losses to profitability through tactical, realistic objective and strategic assessment. Mental health access among the African Americans is a problem that calls for a strategic and objective campaign and SWOT analysis fits perfectly in the puzzle. The SWOT analysis will unravel grievous internal and external issues in the health department, the mental health division. The tool will also determine the strengths as areas that the department should focus on further while handling the weaknesses (Gaston et al., 2016). The opportunities that should be seized help to diversify ways of solving the problem. Exposing threats is a route towards finding means of dealing with them and the SWOT analysis helps in determining the threats.

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Availability of educational resources
It is important to note that speaking up about mental health issues can save multiple lives as the stigma around it fades away.

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  Caring for an Ascending Aortic Dissection Repair Patient

Evidence-Based Practice for a patient suffering from an Ascending Aortic Dissection Repair

Caring for an Ascending Aortic Dissection Repair Patient


According to MedlinePlus, Aortic dissection is a medical complication that arises when there is a tear on the aorta making blood to flow between the layers of the walls of the aorta. Aortic dissection leads to ischemia which is the limitation of the blood flow to the body organs and also can rupture the aorta. Basing on our patients medical history, it could have been caused by high blood pressure, arteritis,and aging or as a result of the surgery he went through. Aortic dissection is repaired surgically or through vascular method. My paper therefore is going to focus on the care I did to a patient suffering from an ascending aortic dissection repair.
Nursing interventions involve the practises performed by the nurse to help the patient recover. These interventions may be initiated by the nurse taking care of the patient, another physician or by a group of health providers.I was therefore very keen in ensuring that the patient under my care was safe and progressing well towards recovery. I performed the below responsibilities while attending to my patient.

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Involving the patient in therapy program
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Social Determinants of Health Reflective Paper

Social Determinants of Health Reflective Paper

Social Determinants of Health Reflective Paper

As most countries in the shifts focus towards achieving value-based models which impact positive results rather than the conventional treatment procedures, most healthcare leaders continue to include the social determinants of health as integral components of their efforts. Currently, a holistic review of the patients and their overall environment have been factored into healthcare procedures. World Health Organization defines social determinants as the specific conditions in which people are born, and to which they grow, live, and work. This essay reflects on two films “not just a paycheck,” and “place matters." The two films outline common social determinants of health among members of communities. However, the two environments and contexts represented in the videos are different from one another. Additionally, the two videos suggest that both healthcare authorities and the public have equal responsibilities in ensuring sound health.

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Not Just a Paycheck compares the impact of Electrolux Corporation relocation from two localities, Greenville, Michigan and Vastervick, Sweden. Electrolux Corporation relocated from Greenville, Michigan to Juarez, Mexico citing high labor costs in 2006. The company had been a significant employer organization in that locality, and before its relocation, most of the people had lived middle-class lives, owning luxurious homes, buying new cars and affording summer vacations (Joint Center Health Policy Institute,2008).
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Practicum Journal_ Voluntary and Involuntary Commitment

Practicum Journal:Voluntary and Involuntary Commitment

Voluntary And Involuntary Commitment

By description, voluntary commitment refers to the act and practice of a patient admitting them to the psychiatric hospital or any other mental health facility, voluntarily. On the other hand, involuntary commitment is a condition where an individual or a patient is free to leave the hospital or healthcare facility against medical advice, but with a period of notice. In voluntary admission, the patient is willing to signs into a psychiatric unit/facility. A person can be involuntarily admitted to a healthcare facility when he or she has deemed a danger to herself/ himself or the other and is frankly psychotic or otherwise too impaired to have himself safe and attend to the usual and basic daily needs (Karlsson et al. 2015).
Recommendation for the client to or not be voluntarily committed

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`A voluntary commitment can be appropriate for any person who is 14 years of age or older who is having a mental health problem and feels that an in-patient stay is essential for his/her safety.
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GI Discussion

GI Discussion

GI Discussion

1. Major clinical problem
The major clinical problem for Mr. S. is Melena. Melena refers to feces that are tarry and dark black in colorcaused by the bleeding of upper gastrointestinal tract. The black color and strong smell of the feces is caused by the presence of hemoglobin in blood that is being altered by the intestinal bacteria and digestive enzymes (Katzung, 2017). The most likely for this condition is the bleeding of the upper gastrointestinal tract.
The following are the physical and lab findings that show the presence of melena. Firstly, there is stool which is sticky, black and malodorous signifying the presence of blood caused by gastrointestinal bleeding. Secondly, tests carried out on the rectum showed the presence of black tarry stools.

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This indicated that his stool contained blood that resulted from the gastrointestinal bleeding thus leading to the presence of melena. Thirdly, laboratory tests showed the presence bun and creatinine which signified the absorption of gastrointestinal blood and a reduced level of renal perfusion. The absorption of blood in the digestive system causes peptic that is associated with melena.
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