Part 2: A Plan for Social Change


Explain how you would advocate for the incorporation of a global perspective or lens into your local practice and role as a nurse leader.

In my nursing experience, I have realized that being a nurse leader is a valuable experience. As a nurse leader, one needs to listen and incorporate the opinions and recommendations of other people when making critical care decisions (Lewenson & Truglio-Londrigan, 2016). One to incorporate a global perspective into the current practice is to start an international nurse forum on best practices in an outpatient care setting.  Occasionally, I often encounter many patients in my current organization, either being over-treated or under treatment for their medical conditions. Therefore, developing this forum will provide a greater perspective on patients seeking healthcare services at the outpatient care facilities. Moreover, this forum would be more successful because it will sustain consistency throughout. It is impossible to determine the times I have cared for patients at one facility versus another, and they keep on wondering why didn’t they were not treated in the same way they were treated last time or wondering how come our facility treats them differently from another outpatient facility. 

Explain how the incorporation of a global perspective or lens might impact your local practice and role as a nurse leader.

Incorporation of a global perspective would enable me to become an expert in planning for the care of all my patients.  It will give me more knowledge to add to the practice because better health outcomes are achieved when everyone has something better to bring to the table, and the more information, the better the care. As a nurse leader, I will be more open-minded and willing to accept to try new things that may yield the best health outcomes for my patients. Besides, the global perspective would impact my practice in that the care provided at my facility will be peer-reviewed and consistent with healthcare standards across the globe. 

Explain how the incorporation of a global perspective or lens into your local practice as a nurse leader represents and contributes to social change. Be specific and provide examples.

As a local nurse leader, incorporation of a global perspective can promote social change by promoting cultural competence. Besides, incorporating a global perspective will ensure that I get informed by other nurse leaders worldwide, thus allowing me to provide care without cultural biases or stereotypes.  Notably, in most cases, we often think that we know a lot about a culture on the ground of what we see on TV, but that is not always the case. Therefore, the best way to bring social change with a global perspective is to provide care while being sensitive to other people irrespective of their cultural, racial, ethnic, or sexual orientation and aware of the healthcare disparities amongst different racial groups (Bell et al., 2015). 


Bell, D., Holliday, R., Ormond, M., & Mainil, T. (2015). Transnational healthcare, cross-border perspectives. Social science & medicine124, 284-289.

Lewenson, S. B., & Truglio-Londrigan, M. (2016). Practicing primary health care in nursing: Caring for populations. Jones & Bartlett Publishers.

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