Work Experience

Montefiore Hospital
Labor and Delivery
Registered Nurse 06/ 2018- present
⦁ Fetal monitoring, administering medications, coaching mothers and assisting with any complications once they arrive
⦁ Assisting mothers throughout the labor and birthing process
⦁ Aid in inducing labor
⦁ Assist/ prep in the operating room with Cesarean sections
⦁ Transport babies to the nursery
⦁ Monitor mothers in the PACU
⦁ Provide care for mothers with preeclampsia, GDM post-term/pre-term
⦁ Prep/ assist with epidural administration
⦁ Provide intensive observation and treatment of patients who have undergone anesthesia
⦁ Monitor heart rate, blood pressure, respirations as well as managing the pain/nausea that often follows anesthesia

Montefiore Hospital
Children Emergency Room Nurse
Registered Nurse 1/2018- 6/ 2018

⦁ Collects current symptoms, as well as a detailed patient history and then consults and coordinates with health care team members to assess, plan, implement and evaluate patient care plans
⦁ Manages basic life support needs and stabilizes patients until the attending physician is available, based upon nursing standards and protocol
⦁ Works directly physicians, assisting them during exams, diagnostic testing and treatments
⦁ Prepares and administers (orally, subcutaneously, through an IV) and records prescribed medications
⦁ Provides IV therapy
⦁ Initiates patient education plan, as prescribed by physician. Teaches patients and significant others how to manage their illness/injury, by explaining: post treatment home care needs, diet/ nutrition/exercise
⦁ Provides basic bedside care

Health & Hospital Services 6/2015- 3/2018
Registered Nurse
Women’s Correctional Facility

⦁ Provide direct patient care to patients with sub-acute level care needs such as:
⦁ Chronic Hypertension, Uncontrolled Diabetes, HIV, AIDS
⦁ Assist w/ contraception counseling
⦁ Educate patients about pregnancy, gynecologic concerns, and proper use of medications
⦁ Evaluate clinic and intake assignments, staffing requirements
⦁ Reporting normal and abnormal results to patients, administer medication for STI’s
⦁ Communicates staffing changes/patterns to the On- Site Director of Nursing
⦁ Assessment and continual care of mother and infant after delivery for 1 year
⦁ Educate mothers with their postpartum care, the care of their newborn infant and assist w/ breastfeeding
⦁ Supervises and assign all care provided by LPNs, PCAs and NAs as a Charge Nurse
⦁ Medication, Phelbotomy, EKG, IV insertion, assist M.D. with birth control insertions
⦁ Perform full admission assessment and testing such HEP C, HIV, pregnancy and STI
⦁ Chaperone w/ M.D. to check patients cervix to determine labor progression and dilation
⦁ Training newly hired nurses

Prison Health Services 9/2009– 6/2015

Rikers Island, Licensed Practical Nurse
⦁ Assist with the management of patient with cardiac diagnoses such as Congestive Heart Failure, Acute Coronary Syndrome, Arrhythmia’s, Hypertensive Crisis, and Coronary Artery Disease, as well ESRD, Hypertension and Diabetes.
⦁ Works collaboratively with Medical Doctor and Psychiatrist to achieve optimum patient care.
⦁ Proficient in Pyxis Profile.
⦁ Closely monitor the effectiveness of IV therapy such as cardiac meds, anti-coagulation therapy, and antibiotic therapy.
⦁ Manages patients on feeding and insulin pumps.
⦁ Chart nurse’s notes in an informative and descriptive manner to reflect care provided.
⦁ Ensure that narcotic records are accurate for each shift and report any discrepancies.
⦁ Assist with catherization, respiratory treatments, dressing changes, colostomy changes, and phlebotomy.
⦁ Review medication cards for completeness of information, accuracy in the transcription of physician’s order, and adherence to order policies.

Montefiore Medical Center
Patient Care Associate 2/2002-9/2009

⦁ Responsible for VS, daily weights, EKG, and blood glucose monitoring.
⦁ Responsible for getting patients ready for pre-operative heart surgeries.
⦁ Assist patients with activities of daily living.
⦁ Collect specimens as well as blood draws as per physician’s order.
⦁ Assist with telemetry monitoring and report abnormalities.

Albert Einstein, Jack Weiler Division
Radiology Dark Room Technician 2/2000-2/2002

⦁ Responsible for developing x-ray room films.
⦁ Maintaining dark room processing equipment.

Lenox Hill Hospital 1/1999-2/2000
File Room Clerk

⦁ Filed documents in charts, organized paperwork
⦁ Transported documents to main facility as per request

 Education & License

Walden University, MS in Nursing, 2021

Registered Nurse, Jersey College School of Nursing , 2014

Licensed Practical Nurse, Allied Health Nursing School, 2008

Chamberlain College of Nursing, BSN, 2017

Basic Life Support Certification

 Week 6 | Part 6: Finalizing the Plan

⦁ I have considered various options for my nursing specialty, including a close look at my selected (or currently preferred) specialty and second-preferred specialty. I have also developed a justification of my selected (or preferred) specialty. Lastly, I have examined one professional organization related to my selected or preferred specialty and considered how I can become a member of this organization.

The results of my efforts are below.

 Step 1: Comparison of Nursing Specialties

Labor and delivery (L&D) nurse specializes in helping women during the entire birthing process. The work spans around pregnancy of women and delivery, including antepartum, intrapartum, post-partum and neonatal stages (Kovacs, 2021). The job of L&D nurse involves work and constant communication with not only the patient but also family members, providing them with support and assistance (Kovacs, 2021). For being able to work, L&D nurses need a license of a registered nurse (RN). There is no need to obtain other certification to work in practice, however, taking part in trainings and having certificates can increase the chances of finding a job. Also, trainings and other opportunities can help to become more skilled and experienced.
Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioners (PMHNP) help patients to overcome psychiatric disorders and illnesses. The issues that patients face can include mood disorders, substance abuse, depression, etc. PMHNPs can work in a number of settings, including private entities, correctional facilities and mental health facilities. Being a PMHNP, requires to have a master’s degree. For becoming a PMHNP, licensure of RN is also required.
When deciding which specialty to choose, I considered which profession will help me to have more impact. Both specialties are important and support patients, however, I prefer PMHNP. Mental health is becoming a real issue for many patients and I believe I can have my contribution in that area. I already have an experience of working with patients needing mental health treatment, which allowed me to make my final decision.

Step 2: Justification of Nursing Specialty

I consider communication and patience as keys to working with patients needing mental health treatment. My previous experience has showed me that I both master communication and have sufficient patience to work with patients. There are many people experiencing stress, depression and anxiety which eventually can have long-term negative consequences on the lives and health of people. Mental health is one of the growing concerns in healthcare now, requiring more professionals to have relevant jobs (Lake & Turner, 2017). As a result, I consider my skills to suit better to the requirements and the role of PMHNP.

Step 3: Professional Organizations

American Mental Health Counselors Association is related to my preferred specialty. The mission of organization is to advance the professions associated with mental health and set standards for collaboration, advocacy, research, ethics, education and professional development (AMHCA, 2021). It is possible to join this organization through seven different membership types, which are clinical, regular, student, emerging, associate, retired, and unified dues. Each professional needs to choose the most suitable membership type and submit an application. Each membership type has a fee, starting from $199 for students.

 Reference List
American Mental Health Counselors Association (2021). About.
Lake, J., & Turner, M. S. (2017). Urgent Need for Improved Mental Health Care and a More
Collaborative Model of Care. The Permanente journal, 21, 17–024.
Kovacs, K. (2021). Labor and Delivery Nurse Career and Salary Outlook.

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