HUMN 303N Week 8 Discussion, Looking Ahead

Imagine a world without the internet, a world without Facebook, Google and Instagram. How different would our lives be and what are the very basic things that we would miss. My proposal on this project would focus on how technology has transformed our lives and how different our world would be without it. Over the past years, technology has each time changed all aspects of our lives ranging from hoe we communicate with one another to how nowadays we depend on the same technology for survival. Technology did not just change how we socialize with one another but has affected economics globally. The technological transformation begun in the 1800’s when the first telegraph was built. Much later came the invention of telephones, the greatest and most popular form of communication ever was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. The birth of the internet, which I think is the greatest invention yet, impacted the human lives like nothing before.
In the year 1991, the world wide web was introduced. However, in 1991 the Internet changed again. That year, a computer programmer in Switzerland named Tim Berners-Lee introduced the World Wide Web: This was the internet of not only sending files between people but was a web of information. It contained information that anyone could retrieve at any time. Berners-Lee was the creator of the internet as we have come to know it today. The internet has therefore evolved so much since its birth and is still growing to date. The web has become even more popular because of its various capabilities (Latour, 1990). It allows people to view text and images in their screen while allows them to add or save document online. It has also provided the opportunity for the people to communicate, share and trade at ease. The internet changed our everyday in many ways including communication, travel, shopping and more research. Written letter was the primary method of communicating important, lengthy or formal information; this is very similar to the usage of email today, except the delay was longer. This compared to today, we can send any sort of message instantly and it would reach the person instantly. On the other hand, transportation has also been made easier with technology. Back in the days, to travel long distances, a boat proved to be the best and meaningful way to reach such a destination. However, today, transportation has been made so much easier and cheaper with new inventions coming up every day (Castells, 1985). We can reach our destination in a quarter of the time with much more security. Technology has also impacted the art world. With the invention of cameras, artists are now able to express their art in many different forms. This came with pictures that can be stored digitally for security. It ultimately changed the art world forever. Technology is redefining art in beautiful, new ways. You can use the internet to create anything you can imagine and call it art. The ease of access to almost anything online changed art. Hopefully in my research I can see and show how technology has impacted the human population in every aspect of our lives.

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Latour, B. (1990). Technology is society made durable. The Sociological Review, 38(1_suppl), 103-131.
Castells, M. (1985). High technology, space, and society (Vol. 28). SAGE Publications, Incorporated.

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