It is no secret that today we depend on technology on almost every aspect of our lives. Since the first telegraph was invented and that one successful message was sent, we have been on the verge of technological development as we strive to advance our technological understanding to further better our future. Today, technology is found everywhere since the introduction of the world wide web. All through the paper we would discuss how technology has affected how we communicate, present our messages through art and how art is perceived in the world today. In doing so, we will look at the different aspects of technology both in our lives and the surrounding environment. when it comes to communication, technology is a major power player. That is to say, we have experienced a tremendous increase in technological change when it comes to communication. Before the advancement in technology, messages would be relayed through the use of letters, personal delivery or even through carriages. This was very disadvantageous as it would take a very long time for the letters to reach the destinations. This was also coupled by a variety of challenges such as weather, mood and route to be followed. However, since the invention of technology, there has been various medium to deliver information conveniently and at lightning speed. This has completely given us control of how we communicate and drawn us close to one another.
On the other hand, technology has also affected how art is delivered and the various meaning behind each presentation. Before the advancement in technology, the artists had to use special canvas when drawing their paintings and a very defined and concrete type of paint was required in order to deliver quality work. This was very beneficial as it saw the presentation of some of the world’s best paintings to date. These paintings were that famous as they were painted using quality and durable materials which were had to find. However, since the introduction of technology into the art industry, artists can now use various platforms to paint and deliver their presentations. These can either be digitally or through art rooms and shows. The paper would then look at the advantages and disadvantages of technological involvement in communication and the art industry. Art is a form of expression where the artist tells a story using paintings. This has given the artists a very broad aspect to work with since technology has been introduced into the art industry.

Latour, B. (1990). Technology is society made durable. The Sociological Review, 38(1_suppl), 103-131.
Castells, M. (1985). High technology, space, and society (Vol. 28). SAGE Publications, Incorporated.

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