The Tempest: Play Review

For this discussion, my choice of performance is the play, `The Tempest Written by William Shakespeare between the year 1610 – and 1611 (Hulme et al, 2000). The play is set on a remote island where the main character a sorcerer called Prospero, uses various manipulation and illusions to try and reinstate his Miranda in to a position.
Relationship of the Staging, lighting, costume and performance to the play
The play had such a wonderful staging that sucked the audience into the play even before it begun. The play resembles a tragic romantic comedy where there is a promise of a wedding in the end. On the other hand, both lighting and costumes are very useful in selling the illusion of magic, symbolism and the transformation in character. Lighting and sounds also help bring about the concept of a magic island and adding to the atmosphere of other key scène in the play.
The Mood and tone of the play.
The play contains an emotional mood and tone from the start to finish. This is due to the effort, passion and enthusiasm employed by Prospero in putting his daughter to the top. The romance in the play also sets in building the emotion of the play. The writer used at least three different techniques in establishing the mood of the play. The first technique is the externalization of themes and emotions. The second technique is the use of lights, music, costume and various special effects in setting the mood of the play.
Simplest part to understand
The simplest part to understand in the play would be the scene of the chess game. This can be understood as the common objective of chess is to capture the King by using various manoeuvres and moves (Graff et al, 2009). Just like in the game, Prospero uses various tricks such as magic and various illusions in order to capture and imprison the king. His power play has seen him reprimand the King for his transgressions and treachery. The final move is to marry the daughter to the King’s son without the consent of the King. With this, he is set to drive the daughter to royalty. This is what sparks the play in the first place.
Impact of The Tempest and role in theatre culture
The performance of the play “Tempest” brings out the richness and the resourcefulness’ of the theatre to the development to contemporary culture. This brings in art through various adaptations such as music, drama and film (Dymkowski et al, 2005). The Tempest has made the literally world to rethink the use of special effects in plays which has grown to become a major component of plays and movies in the world today.

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