The Role of Health Policy and Organizational Structure

Current nursing issues related to globalization of healthcare

We live in the new world where technology has taken over everything including wellness and health. The advancement in technology has not left behind its influence on healthcare. The society has adopted the saying of “fast-forward” and hence a need for a strong background of access, care and equipment to solve the upcoming problems of the people. Health care needs always demand urgency and efficiency aiming at the wellbeing of the victim (Mettler, 2016).

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Most of the techniques in solving medical issues have not been efficient enough and therefore here comes a convenient form of technology to aid in handling health care issues. It is called the Medscape app. The first Medscape app was established in the year 2009 and since then a newer version which is more updated has been established which is the Medscape 2.1 version (Shah, 2014). The application has various features that are very useful in the medical field. They include function for search, medical news, drugs sections, clinical procedures, a checker for drug interaction, conditions and diseases and more options in the bottom bar (Shah, 2014). These features will greatly help the nurses in the quality improvement of the healthcare. Need for change
The number of rate of mobile usage has for decades increased exponentially. The advancement in technology in the 21st century has brought solutions close to the mobile users. The rate at which technology has empowered people worldwide is undebatable. Currently, nearly all industries are going mobile with healthcare sector not left behind. According to Lyon et al (2016), medical apps are essential for doctors and patients as well as their families. They make healthcare delivery highly efficient and therefore quality is guaranteed. The future of healthcare rests in the hands of medical apps and how best the doctors and the society at large can maximize their usage. Despite the numerous benefits that medical apps have to access to quality healthcare, it’s unfortunate that some healthcare professionals do not mind using them. Therefore there is an urgent need to change the way our healthcare professionals operate. The government through healthcare systems should implement the policy that all doctors, nurses and any other members of the healthcare facility have Medscape app and use it on regular basis for improved service delivery. Urgent basic health care services perform a key role in the overall U.S.A’s healthcare system. It is the initial step of making sure that patients are attended by the highly specialized medical staff to offer the best health care in the most relevant setting. A fast, effective and safe response from the services gives out a better result on victims and brings joy to the health attendants (Adhikari, Richards, Scott, 2014).

Agenda setting strategy
It is best defined as an interaction process and henceforth revolves rotates within the flow of agendas from one element to another. The main thing in this agenda setting process is identifying the person who owns particular agendas and the person who communicates with the stakeholders. The social media gives various platforms where individuals or groups can interact. The key change in setting agenda within the realms of social media is the change in authority towards the people concerning communication control whereby the change was brought about by the technologies from social media; people have proved to be active producers instead of acting solely as receivers of technologies. However people still differ in the manner to which they respond to new technologies especially in health sector. The responses people have obtained from the formal health care ( hospitals) has made them to have power over social technologies in health. As in hospitals most of the processes are not automated making the medication process slower, more expensive and less efficient as compared to accessing medical attention through the mediscap app wherever you are. When the use of this application , most people have argued that there is enhancement of multimedia such as videos, images of various health conditions, diseases and clinical procedures. Many people have claimed that it is a cheaper mode of treatment as the application is for free and is one of the fastest way of checking for medication dosages and the cost.

The adopted model will be the Social- technical model. Nursing as a profession can be regarded as a social practice that must be designed appropriately to ensure quality outcome for patients. Healthcare work and delivery is complex in nature and therefore needs a proper approach and design to improved outcomes (Sittig & Singh, 2015). Healthcare systems have experienced a range of problems that many researchers have made attempts to provide solutions. Similarly, human beings are complicated in their nature and there a proper design must be in place to bring about the proposed change. Social-technical theory has been used in a number of innovations in the field of healthcare. Most of the patient care services have been improved through the application of this particular theory. Based on its success history, this theory will be used to implement the Medscape app in nursing administration.

Design strategy
Reimbursement, clinical technology and methodologies delivery have improved at very high rate hence making the healthcare environment planning and its system for delivery more complicated than before. In order to offer the patients with the targeted outcome, there will be need for creation of solutions that will help technology, process and people. They include technology planning which entails the evaluation, planning, acquiring and managing the requirements of medical technology for health organizations (Aljaber et al, 2015). Services offering strategic capital planning, technology planning and integration with design will be very necessary. The other one is services for facility planning which help customers with envisioning the tomorrow and coming up with a facility strategy to help the healthcare organizations in achieving quality healthcare (Choo, Hutchinson & Bucknall, 2010).

Implementation strategy
1) Imparting necessary knowledge especially to patients through use of simple language when giving out instructions and explaining diagnosis, collaborating the oral instructions with written documents and even reinforcing the key points that were highlighted.
2) Patient communication which entails interventions from doctor to patient communication by means of mail texting, reminders through cell phone and involvement of patient’s family. Most of the patients need to be emphasized that they have to understand the doctors language as well as the doctor knowing the patients description (Kvedar, Coye & Everett, 2014). In addition the doctor- patient relationship needs to be adequately established.
3) Simplifying the characteristics of regimen especially to the elderly patients as they tend to forget due to their problems in memory, physical and cognitive skills making them to be confused of the prescribed medication. Micro electric devices should be available to give a response of how patients are able to follow the prescriptions.

Evaluation strategy
The major concerns that are in key in realizing safety and wellness of a patient are adherence and compliance issues (Mandl, Mandel & Kohane, 2015). Once an individual has finished receiving the services at any healthcare, it is solely his responsibility to take care of himself at his own premises. Some clients tend to deviate from the instructions on the medications or code of conduct with the goal of restoring health because of their many issues for instance, complicated treatment regimen that the patient is unable to solely comprehend, poor interpretation of the treatment plan among others. Medscap app through the personal acceptance to help yourself recover good health is one of the ways compliance is evaluated. This has proven to reduce emergency room visits, admissions at hospitals and improving preventive measures among many people.

In summary, through the CME, medical news, diseases and conditions, clinical procedures , interaction checker and unmatched medicine reference makes the medscape app a great tool for almost all professionals in the healthcare sector. Even if its only through its interaction checker and drug reference it gives a great resource for use in taking care of a patient. Narrowing down to the nurses as leaders for enhancing healthcare, this app can be of great importance especially at emergency incidences, during deliveries and in general treatment of patients. It would help save lives, restore many to health in a fast and efficient way.


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