Improving Patient Safety Through Effective Communication

Essential health services are critically delivered by nurses and are the core of the strength of the healthcare system. Nurses are the first respondents to complex humanitarian crises, protectors and advocates for community health. Communication is a significant component of sound service provision. The communication quality between patients and nurses has a considerable influence on the outcome of the patient. Increase effective nurse communication can reduce medical errors and make a positive outcome in the patient's health. This study explores how effective communication can help control infection and increase patient outcomes, also explains the methods that can be used for effective communication and their results if effectively used

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Ineffective communication among the health professionals and patients is the leading cause of the medical error that occurs and results to harming the patients. Health care providers require to improve their communication with the patients to maintain the well-being of the patients (O’Toole et al.,2019).Several communications methods can be employed to ensure the safety of the patient is improved, and infection is control.
Communication methods used to improve patient's safety include team huddles (Martin & Ciurzynski,2015,488), multidisciplinary rounds and a standardized communication format (SBAR). Situation, background, assessment and recommendation method is the most appropriate since it offers means of communication that health cares can use. It helps to close the gap in communication styles, and thus, members have common goals. Huddle method is where quick meetings focus on improving team communication are held. It helps to keep the team momentum going since they can regularly meet. Multidisciplinary rounds using a daily goal sheet helps in the engagement of healthcare to complete rounds that are centred around the patient.
Effective communication helps health care providers to meet the needs of the patients and provide, high quality and safe patient care. It also facilitates improvements in the manner in which infection control is done in healthcare, improving the health of the patient. Effective communications help in the evaluation of the effectiveness of the workforce and individuals are held accountable for their role (Cooke,2016,45). It also provides a safer work environment, decreases adverse delays, shortens the duration of stay and improves patient outcomes. Effective communication promotes good relationship among the workforce and influences job satisfaction and task division is spelt out.
An effective nurse-patient communication result impacts positively on the patient’s outcome and safety. Accurate information and the methods used to improve the communication between patient and nurses foster these positive outcomes (Riley,2015). These methods include huddle, multidisciplinary and standardized communication format (SBAR). The result of effective communication is high quality care of the patient; therefore; the infection is adequately controlled, improving patient's health.


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