Leadership in Nursing

Leadership in Nursing

Leadership is all about believing and respecting human dignity. Great nurse leaders are listeners, encouragers, inspires, and also uploads a rewarding culture (Curtis, de Vries & Sheerin, 2011). In my course of a nursing career, where I observed changes in the working environment, I was given a gift of an advisor or a mentor who taught me how to make a difference. Phyl Donnelly has a passion for a nurse practitioner profession and always has her eyes set for something bigger for the nursing practitioners. She stands to a significant role model I admire as she has excellent leadership skills, and this is after interacting and working with many managers and directors. Considering that the importance of good leadership remains constant in the field of health care, she has created change and build the clinical nursing profession.

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She found it rewarding to share her knowledge of leadership in nursing and healthcare and has taught us the importance of always being committed to ethical nursing practices. Working with Phyl taught me that I cannot learn everything in a day teaching me that earlier preparation and practice leads to a better and a masterful understanding. According to Cummings et al. (2010), incorporation of principles as well as sharing decision making is the nurses’ everyday practice. Through this, Phyl was able to incorporate accountability and engagement among us. This helped nurses to assume responsibility in the nursing practice, therefore, a sense of empowerment and improvement in the patient- care provided. Hutchinson & Jackson (2013) notes that the management of healthcare organization can affect its performance and also influence the patients’ outcomes. Through Phyl’s transformational leadership style, she was able to inspire many nursing professional students by inspiring them to perform beyond the expectations. She also transcended self- interest for better organization.


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