Zika Virus


In the recent time, the population has tremendously increased whereby has resulted to increase in various chronically disease which has by far spread far and wide and in one way or another they have caused national wide concern this includes disease such as diabetes, HIV , obesity, and zika which has been most common. (Abbink, P., Stephenson, 2018)However, in this paper, I will outline the zika virus which has been decreased as a national disaster by many countries and has led to more death than ever before. According to reach Zira virus happens to be transmitted by a bite of a mosquito which happens to come from Aedes genus which are commonly found in some section of tropical and subtropical regions. The funniest thing mosquitoes are that it usually bite during the day where this happens either in the morning or in the evening time. Research has shown that this happens to be the same mosquito which transmits dengue, chikungunya and some yellow fever. Zika virus was first discovered back in the year 1947 where it was named in the zika forest which is in Uganda. it is where the first cases were detected and since then the outbreak has been reported in tropical Africa, Southeast Asia, and Pacific islands. (Amorim, L.2019).

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The carrier of the disease which happens to be Aedes aegyptis mosquitoes just like any other mosquito which spreads virus it thrives in very unhygienic and dumpy paces where the environment does favor them. This where we have uncollected garbage and quite stagnant water which favors the bleeding of the mosquitos. America and some places in United States happen to provide an ideal habitat for the disease-bearing and offer a cool breeding environment where it has a warmer temperature. The mosquito happens to thrive in artificial human-made habitats. According to world health organization (WHO), the disease has been recorded to have a higher outbreak in areas such as Africa, America, and parts of Pacific which are the major affected areas It important to note the movement of the virus which happens to via the prevailing environmental condition which in real sense they are maintained and transported by the real host where the population concentration plays a bigger role in helping the spread of the virus where due to this both animal and human have recorded a higher increasing especially in this century. Which has enhanced the transmission of respiratory as while as enteric viruses? With the recent studies of the environmental factor, research has shown that environmental survivals factors can make the virus to spread efficiently due to the good breeding site for the same. Where continuation of this poor environmental factor will lead to poor health and which in process will result in poor wellbeing and bring other factor such as pollution which both air and animal.

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The burden of the arboviral disease especially in America is quite high and has been increasing quite significant and has had quite some challenges especially for the infants where cases have been reported for with infection of zika virus (ZIKV) whereby the virus is infectious and transmitted during pregnancy for the unborn and in this period they happen to be miscarriage which can lead to microcephaly which is a potentially fatal congenital brain condition where the virus can spread from a pregnant woman to her fetus and may lead to birth defect (Watts, A. G., Huber, C., Bogoch, I. I., Brady, O. J., Kraemer, M. U., & Khan, K. 2019). The unfortunate issue about this virus is that one can get also through sex whereby one fails to use a condom where one individual is affected by it. most people who happens to became infected by zika virus one fails to experience any symptoms and statistics show that for an average of five people two will show sign that they have been effected where they may develop signs and symptoms of the same which are associated with the virus.: they include mild fever, skin rash, joint pain and conjunctivitis where the symptoms are said to begin a few days after the bite where most people fail to know they have been infected with the virus. This has been seen with the few records which exist where a country such as Brazil and Colombia have registered a bigger number of people affected by the virus. Here in United States, the first case was reported in 2015 where the case was highly associated with traveling within areas which the infection was high. A report shows that more than 2300 pregnant women have had symptoms of possible evidence of zika virus. Where the CDC took the unusual step in trying to advise the pregnant women not to travel in some location where zika virus is since they are no treatment available at the moment for the virus. However, they are step one need to follow for this and medical care is advised.

With this certain care health system can be put in place which can help in preventing the spread of the same where a continuous communication is needed between the health care delivery system and the local public health where one can leverage the existing relationship I spotting and clearing the area which seems to be the breeding group for the mosquitoes hence prevent the spread. Also provision of support on the prenatal clinical and laboratory support and sharing the data of zika virus whereby screening and testing the rates in discouraging the spread. Where for the young children and pregnant woman one should sleep under mosquito nets and people traveling in areas perceived to be infected should take personal caution as given by the doctor and mostly having a clean environment which observed the hygiene level that discouraged the breeding of the mosquitoes whereby covering water storage containers, removing standing water in flower pots, and cleaning up trash and used tires. Community initiatives are essential to support local government and public health programs to reduce mosquito breeding sites.


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