Gerontology Acute Care Nurse

Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

Essay for application of DNP: Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Practitioner/Adult-Gerontology

Clinical Nurse Specialist Program

For a nurse to be regarded as a highly qualified practitioner capable of handling critically ill patients, he/she needs to pursue a DNP degree. This is to ensure that the patient’s health is well catered for by nurses who are impacted with skills of managing elderly patients who are in ICU. It is therefore important for every nurse to pursue a DNP degree to improve patients care in the clinical settings. A DNP degree is heavily concerned with translating and implementing evidence into practice. Therefore, pursuing a DNP degree will give me an opportunity to conduct extensive research about the care of the patient that is in a critical condition. The knowledge acquired from the research will also impact me with skills on how to diagnose and manage diseases for an adult patient with acute, critical and medical conditions that are complex.

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Patients in the ICU require staffing by nurses who are highly trained since they are suffering from severe or life-threatening conditions and injuries that need continuous care together with a close supervision from equipment’s and medications that support life. This is to ensure that normal body functioning is restored. In this regard, studying a DNP degree will give me an opportunity to gain experience in nursing management, nursing education and advanced practice which will enable me save the lives of critically ill patients. In summary, every graduate nurse needs to pursue a DNP degree in order to be certified. This will in return improve the quality of care provided by nurses in the healthcare thus saving the lives of patients who are suffering from acute and life threatening conditions.


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