Evidence Based Practice


This refers to a life-threatening nursing issue that results from the response of the body to an infection. The problem is caused when the response of the body to the chemicals is out of balance resulting in changes that impact negatively to various organ systems. If the condition is allowed to advance to septic shock, there will be a dramatic drop in blood pressure that can cause death. It commonly occurs in adults who old, pregnant women, children not older than one year, patients suffering from diseases such as diabetes, kidney, lung disease and cancer and people with a weak immune system. (Osborn, 2013)

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The process of search cinahl for evidence

To search for sepsis using cinahl search, first I will need to go to the Subject Resources box found on the library homepage. Second, choose to nurse after clicking on select a subject (Hood, 2008). Third, according to the hood (2008) after clicking on the evidence-based and clinical resources section choose CINAL plus with the full-text database. Fourth, once getting into the database, make use of the search boxes to type in the keywords. I will enter the nurse-driven protocol in the first field and enter the sepsis protocol into the second field. To allow the database to search more broadly, I will use OR link together my synonyms words that are related in the search box. This will enable me to have access to a broader range of answers from the database. I will also make use of the PICO format to frame my research question. The terms I used to frame my question with the help of PICO format include sepsis, cross screening and improved survival.


1. Dellinger, R. P., Levy, M. M., Rhodes, A., Annane, D., Gerlach, H., Opal, S. M., ...& Osborn, T. M. (2013). Surviving Sepsis Campaign: international guidelines for management of severe sepsis and septic shock, 2012. Intensive care medicine, 39(2), 165-228.
Lucy Hood (2008). Professional nursing. Pg. 257-271

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