Nursing Shortage in the State of Nevadar

Nursing Shortage in the State of Nevadar

In Nevada, there has been a significant shortage of nurses and other healthcare professionals. This has forced other employers to stretch their hands I such workforces. For example, some of the employees, such as the hospital and the nursing school, have decided to leave their vacancies open for the extended period as they wait for the qualified applicants. In rural areas, more of the nurses are needed. For the past decade, more of the RNs began to work in Nevada to help reduce nursing shortages (Barnow, Piatak, & Trutko, 2013) . Partially, it helped to elevate the deficits but not eliminate it. For the past years, the proportion of the nurses to the Nevada resident is still growing, but it lags as compared to other states. To fight shortages of nurses, there has been an increased emphasis on nursing education. For example, training them, and recruiting more to join the nursing profession to step up the par with the workforces in other states(Barnow, Piatak, & Trutko, 2013) .

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To be precise, Nevada’s nursing workforce has a long way to go. For example, in 2012, the state was ranked 49th in the nation for employing the nurses per capita, in 2000, Nevada was ranked 50th according to Health Resources and the services administration. With the many nurses expected to retire, Nevada will still face more problem because there is still shortages of nurses. The nursing faculty is needed too. Recent research was conducted, and it was concluded that the average age of Nevada nursing faculty member was 51. Right now, many of the schools are still facing the problem of the nursing shortage. In the coming years, a man of the faculty members may also consider retirement (Johnson, Polatty, Begley, 2003). Thus the state will face many shortages. For this reason, without qualified nursing instructors and professors, some of the schools will have no choice but only to restrict new applicants. This will make the nursing shortage even worse (Quayle, Ceplenski, 2014) .

The nursing profession is still growing, and many areas around the country are experiencing the shortages f qualified nurses because many who work there come from different business. Graduate with the BSN degree; they have active preparations for the new jobs becoming available in the health industry. In Nevada, relatively few of the nurses are in the workforce are in the ration less as compared to the patients who are supposed to be attended to. The nursing professing need to grow since their demand has always been increasing. Inside Nevada State and around the country, many of the health care employers are looking for nurses due to their order. With this reason, it will create a strong opportunity for the recent graduates to get jobs, therefore, reducing the current shortage of nurses.

The nation has come up with the program aimed at increasing the number of undergraduates nursing students. The government has also come up with the legislative bills to fund the nursing programs. Therefore, this will make many of the students to join the nursing profession. This initiative has helped many of the students to enter the profession (Mee, Robinson, 2003).

To ensure that Nevada has adequate and well trained medical officers, the medical education council in Nevada has established the legislative act of 2003 to fund the nurses fully. The bill aims at determining the workforce in the nursing profession and the need to have more nurses. When all these are put in place, the current shortage of nurses will decrease.


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