ASSESSMENT AND DIAGNOSES:Intervention and Evaluation
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Nursing Diagnosis

Several members of the family can be diagnosed with risk-prone health behavior. Jakub, as mentioned earlier, has particularly alarming sexual behavior. His job at the casino may not be making matters any better, since it gives him exposure to these people that he can have sexual intercourse with. Emil also has this problem, from his frequent short term relationships, to his fondness of fast foods. Darius also has an issue with seeking medical attention in relation to his bulging discs that cause him back pains. The house that the Orlov family lives in, a four bedroom split level home, may not work in his best interests since he will be required to climb multiple staircases regularly.

Risk-prone health behavior is impaired ability to modify lifestyle / behavior in a manner that improves health status (Ackley & Ladwig, 2010).

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