Nurses as Health Advocates

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Veterans returning from conflict areas suffer from a host of psychological problems associated with trauma and mental health. These include post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. Veterans suffering from these problems are more likely to engage in substance abuse, alcoholism, violent behavior and greater risk of eventually developing dementia. They therefore need psychological treatment and counselling to enable them lead normal lives again. Families are usually stressed due to these difficulties facing their loved ones, and need, together with the veterans, counselling. (Salamon, 2010)

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The Millerton family is completely meeting affective function because the family members love, care, support, and respect each other. Also, they show their close relationship, connection, bonding, and understanding to one another. In this case study, we see that Sandy’s family is not emotionally close to Sandy and Oscar since she married Oscar. However, Sandy still wants to retain the relationship with her family by talking with them one or twice a year. In addition, Oscar’s sister, Ophelia and her family live in the same neighborhood, and both families visit to each other over the weekend meal and talk with each other twice a week. Moreover, Oscar’s parents placed $35,000 for each grandchildren for fee of college after discussion with Oscar, Ophelia, and their spouses. Also, Oscar and Sandy discover common interests, goal, and values and find that the relationship validates each of them. For example, a couple is overweight, and wants to work out by walking ½ mile most evening. They also enjoy tending their vegetable garden and cooking together for their family.

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Health Information Document: Breast Cancer

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Cancer refers to the uncontrolled division of cells in the body that defy the normal programmed body mechanisms of cell division and death after a certain time. Cancerous cells generally cause tumors, apart from those that attack blood cells – leukemia. These cells, which form tumors referred to as malignant, are able to attack nearby cells and continue the harmful process. This process is referred metastasis. Cancer is referred to the name of where it first attacked, regardless of where it then metastasizes. There are many risk factors that may cause cancer, including substances found in cigarettes, genetic factors among other numerous factors. (NCI, 2015). This handout aims to provide additional information to the general student population on breast cancer, for more awareness, and with a view of avoiding as many preventable deaths as possible. It also aims to increase support for those affected.

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ASSESSMENT AND DIAGNOSES:Intervention and Evaluation

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Nursing Diagnosis

Several members of the family can be diagnosed with risk-prone health behavior. Jakub, as mentioned earlier, has particularly alarming sexual behavior. His job at the casino may not be making matters any better, since it gives him exposure to these people that he can have sexual intercourse with. Emil also has this problem, from his frequent short term relationships, to his fondness of fast foods. Darius also has an issue with seeking medical attention in relation to his bulging discs that cause him back pains. The house that the Orlov family lives in, a four bedroom split level home, may not work in his best interests since he will be required to climb multiple staircases regularly.

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Group Observation

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Group: Patient Safety


The patient safety group is a team of hospital staff who are directly connected to the personal care of patients. The team comprises of the representatives of each of these groups, including nursing staff, doctors, clinical officers, lab technicians, pharmacists, and the hospital chief of medicine. The group meets every first Wednesday of the month. I joined them for their monthly meeting recently, to observe how they conduct their meetings. During these meetings, the group discusses issues relating to patient care, things that can be done to improve the function, among other things. The group was recently formed and still has a lot of time dedicated in its monthly meetings to operations.

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